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found poem: with notes

found poem: sound

Entropy: The Birds

I am always thrilled when Entropy: The Birds accepts my work for publication. Today, they’ve published three of my found-bird poems along with a gorgeous raven photo by Joe Meche. (There’s a little heart below the poems and bio. If you like the poems, I’d be hugely grateful if you’d click it. Thanks.)

found poem: dawn

found poem: I told

found poem: the light

found poem: self

found poem: when it’s all over

found poem: a dark

autumn, ring

found poem: listen

found poem: stone

found poem: shadow

found poem: to become light

found poem: Desperately

found poem: the fiction

Miracle Monocle

Thank you to Sarah Anne Strickley and the editorial staff at Miracle Monocle for featuring three of my found poems in Issue 14, produced in the midst of shutdowns and many inconveniences.

found poem: juicy

Subjectiv Journal

found poem: in the house

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