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The Meadowlark Review


Atlas & Alice, again!

Online literary journals come and go. Beginning with fierce intent and clear vision, some fold before, or just after, the first issue is published. Glamorous from the outside, like owning a restaurant, perhaps, the issue-after-issue grind of details and timelines and personalities often turn out to be more than the founders bargained for, to say nothing of the pay.

While online journals don’t have the long history of print journals (or, often, the resources of university or foundation support), they offer a nimble counterpoint to print, publishing work that may be technically challenging or experimental before print journals can do so. When an online journal sticks around through all the challenges, it’s evidence of faith and grit and a sense of humor. Atlas & Alice has been around since 2013. They published my visual poems in 2015, again in 2021, and today Atlas & Alice is featuring one of my Emily poems on their website and on Twitter. I salute Benjamin Woodard and his editorial team and am honored to be included in their enduring vision.

Green Ink Poetry

Corridor again!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about a new zine, Corridor, which had published two of my found poems. Now Volume 7, the new edition of Corridor, has hit the coffee shops and other gathering places throughout the county. I’m grateful to be part of it.

The Journal of Radical Wonder

Turtle Island Quarterly

Many publications popping up at once… and I’m not complaining. My poem “If nothing holds, then begin anew” has just been published in issue 23 of Turtle Island Quarterly. Thank you to editor David Bogue and TIQ!

petrichor, again

Honored to be published for the third time in petrichor, now in issue 20 and previously in issues 5 and 15. (As a reminder, petrichor is that unique aroma of rain hitting dry ground.) Thanks, petrichor!


Dispatches from Quarantine

Some things just take a while. I submitted two poems to the online journal Dispatches from Quarantine back in February 2021. “The evolution, April” and “Surge” were published this week as Dispatch #081. Big thanks to Alexandra Kostoulas for seeing it through.


Impostor: A Poetry Journal has published one of my found poems in Volume 2, Issue 2, page 6. Always an honor to be selected. Big thanks to the editors, L.M. Camiolo and Coral O’Leary.

Aromatica Poetica, again

The online journal Aromatica Poetica, which celebrates the oft-neglected senses of smell and taste, has just featured five of my visual poems of scent. Another five were featured in April 2020. I’m so grateful to editor M. Leona Godin and her team at Aromatica Poetica for selecting and featuring my work.


Arteidolia, again

After publishing a batch of my found poems back in March, the editor encouraged me to submit to the special section, swifts & s l o w s. I did, and now five more found poems are published. Thanks so much to Randee Silv and Arteidolia!

the other sentence

Moss Puppy

Synapse International

It was an honor, back in late winter, to be approached by karl kempton and Philip Davenport to guest-edit a post on women working in visual poetry for Synapse International. The artists I selected are working in a variety of materials and media and the resulting series of posts are now available for viewing on seven separate pages (on each page, click the images to see a larger version):

I am so grateful to these artists for generously sharing their work.

(The non-English script on the site is Bengali. karl kempton reports that Synapse International is the first visual poetry site available to a Bengali-speaking audience in India.)


One Sentence Poems

The lovely people at One Sentence Poems have selected two more of my found poems for publication. I like what they do and I’m so glad they like what I do. The first one is up today; the other will be posted soon.


Counterflow, a new annual online journal out of Canada, has included two of my found poems in its inaugural issue, for which I’m exceedingly grateful. You can view/download the PDF on the Wordstorm publications page.

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