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A Quiet Courage

Very pleased to have three of my found poems selected for publication on A Quiet Courage. The editor, Clara Ray Rusinek Klein, took the time to browse through chocolate is a verb and select the three found poems she wanted! I am so grateful.


“Because resistance is fertile”

Rise Up Review
Very pleased to have two of my recent found poems featured on the launch of the found/erased page on Rise Up Review. Rise Up Review posts a new poem of resistance on the Home page each day, with previous poems collected on the Archive page.


Beechwood Review

Another found poem published: Beechwood Review, with two others forthcoming in the print edition.


And two more in Toad 6:3.

P.M.S. poemmemoirstory

Also, I have four poems, Blessing, Lesson, Door, and One Day, in the brand new print edition of PoemMemoirStory. (Website hasn’t yet been updated with number 16.)

I’m so grateful for the public acknowledgement.

another Sentence!

One Sentence Poems

just published!


just published

Poetry Super Highway

Sonic Boom!



Hugely pleased to have seven of my found poems included in issue forty-two of Otoliths. It’s a particular honor to be included with artists/writers whose work I’ve admired and respected for so long, including Richard Kostelanetz, Karl Kempton and John M. Bennett.

quite a week…

…and again!


now this


Jacar Press

What an honor to have my poem “The Familiar” selected for publication in the online journal One. The Jacar Press publication considers just one submission from each poet (most publications request three or more). My poem is just below the Contents list for One Issue 8.


Naugatuck River Review Very pleased to have my poem “Arroyo” included in Naugatuck River Review, Issue 14. Published in print twice a year, NRR “is dedicated to publishing narrative poetry….poems that tell a story.”

“Arroyo” is a poem about a bridge on the campus of UCLA.

After the Pause

After the PauseVery pleased to have three of my found poems published in After the Pause, Vol. 2, Issue 3, Fall 2015, pages 43-45. Available through the website and on ISSUU.
Special thanks to Caitlin Thomson, who suggested submitting to After the Pause.

in today’s mail

Pilgrimage MagazineVery pleased to have two of my poems — “cave drawing” and “Some of What I’m About to Tell You Is True” — included in Pilgrimage Magazine, Volume 38, Issue 3, pages 47-50.

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