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Recipe for snow…

snow recipe, 1

snow recipe, 2Folded among the recipes in the back of the RECEIPTS box was this little note in my grandmother’s handwriting. My mother’s mother was a wonderful grandma, but a less-wonderful mother, and in those opening words, Take out Electric Mixer, I read a hint of her condescension toward my mother.

I remember Lux flakes, the box under the bathroom sink, the dry, pearly-white, soapy-smelling “tiny diamonds” that slipped and slid in your hand. I can almost hear the radio announcer’s booming introduction of Lux Radio Theatre, and the ads for Lux, a sort of banter between the actors and the announcer.

Teweles (too-lees) was a lifelong friend of my grandfather’s who, some years after my grandfather’s demise at age 52, became my grandmother’s second husband. Though there are photos of us together and I was nearly 4 when he died, I have almost no memory of him.

More lasting is Badger Brand note paper, which served well for a number of my childhood drawings. I like the homemade design, the letters hand-drawn, the squeeze on Milwaukee, the stretched phone number, with its prefix and four digits.

And at the end, that appended note, checking up, in a time — 1940s, I’m guessing — when a mother’s $15 check was extravagant, could buy something, and a daughter might not have been quite grateful enough.