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found poem: I saw May

and the first for 2020…

An auspicious beginning: a collection of “month” poems from right hand pointing that includes two of mine: April and May.

This is the third time Dale Wisely and team have selected my work for publication and I’m deeply grateful. (And also to find myself in such fine company, including Susan J. Erickson.)

found poem: a superlative

found poem: The sense

found poem: contemplate

found poem: Today


birdsnest spruce, early MayIt is so spring.

The sun creeps over the backyard fence to set the crabapple tree alight, a blaze of bright magenta.
The spruce is fringed with tiny tongues of green. Lilacs fatten in the neighbors’ yards. Robins warble at first light. Spiders cast their hungry nets.

A dog lays on her back on the grass, legs in the air, and twists back and forth.

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