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Green Ink Poetry

found poem: autumn

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Memorial Day

This cloth

This folding and refolding of clouds, this rippled quilt of sea
pulled to shore and away — this is not the work of a god I believe in,
only a cinematic trick, a way to speak of the unfathomable,
distract eye and heart from bodies bloodied and fallen
in a synagogue, at a concert — oh any place bodies can huddle
in a moment’s hope or grief. The cloth of us ripped and frayed,
every thread torn from itself, warp from weft. And still,
here is what we do: collect the threads, pick the strands of light
from darkness, hold the gnarled ball in open palms to gather
our tears and then, slow as autumn’s night absorbs light,
we begin to weave.

. . . . .

weaving by J.I. Kleinberg, “The force that through the green fuse drives the flower” named for a poem by Dylan Thomas

poem by J.I. Kleinberg published in Clementine Unbound, February 2019

found poem: unravel

found poem: family

Persimmon Tree

Very pleased to have two of my visual poems included in the “Forgetting” issue of Persimmon Tree. (One is near the top of the page, the other near the bottom.)

found poem: my body

found poem: under

found poem: I have forgotten

found poem: poetry

Red Eft Review

So grateful to editor Corey Cook, who has published my poem “Summer Days” in Red Eft Review. (A red eft is the terrestrial juvenile stage in the metamorphosis of the eastern newt of North America.)

Dylan at 80

found poem: all over the map

found poem: dusk

found poem: I see

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found poem: THE DEAD

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