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found poem: used to

found poem: to swell

found poem: the center

found poem: the tides

found poem: in the empty

found poem: a perfect night

found poem: should the circles

found poem: the bird

found poem: the moon’s

Entropy: The Birds

I am always thrilled when Entropy: The Birds accepts my work for publication. Today, they’ve published three of my found-bird poems along with a gorgeous raven photo by Joe Meche. (There’s a little heart below the poems and bio. If you like the poems, I’d be hugely grateful if you’d click it. Thanks.)

found poem: the Moon

found poem: the light

found poem: winter

found poem: craving

found poem: letter-writers

found poem: the kitchen

What Are Birds?

Not sure I can answer the question, but am nonetheless very pleased that What Are Birds? has included one of my found poems in the current combined 2.4/3.1 issue. Cover art by Mark Blickley.

found poem: to imagine

found poem: absence

Blood Tree Literature

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