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Rejection Letters, belatedly

When, back in August, the journal Rejection Letters accepted two of my poems, I was thrilled. They said the poems would be published on September 29, which I noted in my calendar — on today’s date, October 29. Geez. So here, belatedly, are my two Rejection Letters poems, “The new math” and “At the laundromat with Pablo Picasso.” Thank you Rejection Letters!

deux femmes

1966 - DAK w Tête de femmeIt’s 1966. In Antibes, at the Grimaldi, my mother examines Picasso’s Tête de femme aux grands yeux. My father’s black-and-white photograph emphasizes the rough texture and stark volumes of the sculpture. His own woodcarving was much influenced by the abstracted forms of Picasso, Brancusi, Arp, Noguchi and Henry Moore, which he studied with an engineer’s eye — not to replicate but to understand.

In the photograph, through some trick of light, angle or scale, the perspective is slightly off. Dorothy and the Tête seem to vie for the same plane, advancing and retreating, one in front, then the other. Whether my father saw that, at the time or later, I don’t know. Nor can I guess whether he framed the image with tongue in cheek, these two commanding women caught side-by-side in the stillness of their unique beauty.

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