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window frame…

Dorothy's window frame

The window at the end of our living room looked out onto trees. Beyond and between the trees, at the bottom of the hill, was the cemetery with its always-green, always-mowed grass and its tidy rows of matching marble headstones. Beyond the cemetery were more trees and, rarely, on exceptionally clear days, a glimpse of distant Catalina Island.

The window was large and square, between drab drapes that my mother drew closed religiously every night and that remained closed in the morning to protect the furniture, and the artwork, from the sun’s burning rays.

One day, with her artist’s eye and her quirky imagination, my mother enlisted my father to build a slender wooden frame, which they then suspended on fishing line within the larger frame of the window.

What we saw was no longer just a view, but a constantly changing painting: the jacaranda tree with its feathery leaves, lavender flowers and large, flat pods; the dusty silver eucalyptus; the gaudy pink oleander; the raucous jays and mockingbirds; and the breeze, stirring the colors and shapes into ever-new compositions within the focusing lens of the simple frame.

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