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sky play…

crow nutYesterday afternoon, in between storms, scraps of blue showing through slashes in the clouds, I decided to run some errands. In my car, I got no farther than the driveway before my attention was drawn to a trio of crows overhead. They were playing — chasing, diving, tumbling and turning — without sound or direction.

When something fell from the grasp of one of the birds, I saw that there was a toy involved in the play: a peanut, I think. It dropped perhaps a foot before the crow grabbed it out of the air, banked and swooped away, the other two in pursuit.

Over the course of about five minutes, as I craned my neck to watch them stitch and flap their way across the sky, the crow in possession passed that peanut from claw to beak to claw again, the switch noticeable only in the slight redrawing of his silhouette against the cloud-strewn sky.
nutty crow