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found poem: cantaloupe

wedding dress…

plum bridethrough howling dark
and gnashing gale
the plum tree
— bride —
clings to her skirts

in morning’s light
her veil tossed
her slippers slopped
with mud and weeds
she twirls her gown
to lure her flighty
— the bees.

the increments of plums…

plum tree ~ 11 March 2012In my memory, the plum tree buds one day and blasts into bloom another. But no. These trees are wise to the moods of late winter, the frolics of wily spring.

When frost still coats the soil, the first sign of budding bulges from the twigs, hardly more than a fattening. Then these bumps separate from the wood, assume a roundness, tiny as mustard seeds.

Gradually, imperceptibly, over many weeks, they expand, and twigs freshen, the color of the tree taking on a pale green that plumps and lightens with each passing day.

Now, in the drenched and windblown not-yet-spring, green buds have cracked to show the white petals still knotted beneath, and two or three, their throats filled with rain, have spread their white skirts, released their delicate must, to invite the yet-slumbering bees.

January garden…

first sign of daffodilsI wander out into the morning chill, distressed to see how little winter work I’ve done in the garden. Apple trees to prune, a tangle of peonies and horseradish to dig, and everywhere the innocent-looking rosettes of new weeds that will too soon send up flower stalks and cast their seeds by the million.

Mt. Baker, peeking over the foothills handsome and white, reports more than 239 inches of snow, but here in the lowlands the ground is saturated, the daffodils are pushing up and one of the plum trees is covered with mustard-seed-size buds.

It’s a tease, of course, and late-season snow or wind may deliver a harsh comeuppance to the flowers tempted into early bloom. But still, in these very short, dark days, the garden seems to say, ‘There’s hope. Spring will come.’

And I’m listening.


Dark-Eyed Junco, Campbell Valley Regional Park, Langley, British Columbia
the night wind’s bright scattering of pale, round plum petals
snagged in the fingers of the yard’s low shrubs
as the junco chirps her warnings to the breeze: nest! nest! nest!
Dark-Eyed Junco photo by Nature’s Pic’s

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