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found poem: The sea

found poem © j.i. kleinberg

found poem: discovered

found poem © j.i. kleinberg

found poem: type


On the back of a shingle
ripped from the side of my house
is a drawing in carpenter’s pencil:
two stick figures wearing ball caps,
walking, the left hand of one
and the right hand of the other
joined in a small, near-perfect circle.
Is it love, these two strangers,
this message hidden for 67 years,
their faces looking out at me,
happy, their secret message found
at last?

found poem: the middle

found poem: certitude

Clementine Unbound

and another!

breakfast on Boxing Day

found poem: bones

found poem: tongue-tied


2016-03-04 plum

Oh, bees,
let the miasma of winter
slip from your wings
so long crimped in sleep.
The birds have been rehearsing
each morning in the shower —
fly into the random air,
listen to their chorus,
they understand the wind.

found poem: the Lines

the candles…




Lise MeitnermeitneriumI’m very pleased to report that my poem, Element 109, has been selected for inclusion in Vol. 1, Issue 7, of Anatomy & Etymology, an online literary journal that features works of poetry that blur the lines separating the arts and science.

The story in the poem is true.

Click to read Element 109 by J.I. Kleinberg. Read it out loud.

—–image credits
meitnerium on periodic table
download the periodic table of elements in PDF (April 2010 version)
Lise Meitner photo

found poem…

wedding dress…

plum bridethrough howling dark
and gnashing gale
the plum tree
— bride —
clings to her skirts

in morning’s light
her veil tossed
her slippers slopped
with mud and weeds
she twirls her gown
to lure her flighty
— the bees.


he leaves me this way:
plunging into the sports section
driving away from the back door
ascending the mountain
dropping into sleep

he returns to me this way:
dreams recalled
sips from my cup
lingering kisses
powerful hugs

he leaves me this way:
a crinkle of oak and aspen
collected along his way

he returns to me this way:
eyes heart arms
gratitude warmth love

he leaves me
he returns to me
: we are together

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