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On the back of a shingle
ripped from the side of my house
is a drawing in carpenter’s pencil:
two stick figures wearing ball caps,
walking, the left hand of one
and the right hand of the other
joined in a small, near-perfect circle.
Is it love, these two strangers,
this message hidden for 67 years,
their faces looking out at me,
happy, their secret message found
at last?

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Clementine Unbound

and another!

breakfast on Boxing Day

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2016-03-04 plum

Oh, bees,
let the miasma of winter
slip from your wings
so long crimped in sleep.
The birds have been rehearsing
each morning in the shower —
fly into the random air,
listen to their chorus,
they understand the wind.

found poem: the Lines

the candles…

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