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the bench…

The pair of cypresses stood watch from the brow of the hill. Behind them, the stone cottage; before them, the long sweep of the fields, silvery olive trees, billowing oaks; between them, this bench: a large half-round of scarred and time-polished oak set on rough-hewn granite uprights.

The bench held so much of the history of the place, the foot track passing nearby, the ancient roadway just beyond. One could almost watch it like a film: travelers resting as they chewed their bread and cheese; couples leaning shoulder to shoulder; a girl, crying, her hand cupping the weightless body of a nearly-fledged sparrow; a man, writing, a sheaf of papers tucked beneath his thigh; soldiers, surprised to discover this silent vista in the midst of war.

The bench held all their secrets, the memory of their visits, the stories and feelings they spilled into the wide valley. It held the sunsets, the wine, the gouged initials. It held the storms and lies and sorrows.

That morning, as he walked toward it with the first warmth of the rising summer sun on his shoulders, the bench seemed to sit at the very cusp of his life’s possibility…