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Congratulations to Raven Chronicles Press, editors Phoebe Bosché, Anna Bálint, and Thomas Hubbard, and all the contributing poets whose combined efforts turned Take a Stand: Art Against Hate, a Raven Chronicles Anthology into the winner of the 2021 Washington State Book Award in Poetry. I am honored that my poem “Neither Silence nor Forgetting” is included.

Congratulations as well to the other winners and finalists in this year’s awards program.


Hugely pleased that Nadia Gerassimenko has selected four of my found poems for the inaugural issue of Moonlogs, a project of Moonchild Magazine.

Breathe again

For the third (and final) month, one of my found poems has been published in Breathe. My gratitude to Leopoldo Seguel, Tania Abramson, and Paul Abramson.


The online journal Hush has published three of my found poems in Issue 2, here, here, and here. Thanks, Erik & Hush! (If you tried before, the links have now been fixed.)

Sweet Tree Review


Hugely grateful (again) to Dale Wisely and the entire Ambidextrous Bloodhound Press team for selecting four of my found poems for Issue 26 of Unlost. (At the first page, click Next to see the rest.)

Breathe again

River Heron Review

Red Eft Review (again!)

Red Eft Review

So grateful to editor Corey Cook, who has published my poem “Summer Days” in Red Eft Review. (A red eft is the terrestrial juvenile stage in the metamorphosis of the eastern newt of North America.)

Quartet Journal

Quartet Journal has published my poem “Ornament” in the Summer 2021 issue along with a brief explanation. (The poem appears not quite halfway down the page.) I’m honored to be included in this lovely collection.


Was pleased to open my email and find a link to the latest issue of Breathe, with a found poem of mine included (and, according to the note, more to come).

Harpy Hybrid Review


black text on white ground with partial green underlineVery pleased to have three of my found poems published in the Italian online journal Utsanga. A journal of the liminal — the threshold between states of being — Utsanga favors the eclectic and experimental.

FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art

Hugely pleased to have two of my found poems in Issue 8 of FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art, pages 64 and 65. (Just received the hard copy of this impressive journal. It’s large — 8.25″ x 11.625″ — printed on heavy coated stock with lots of images.)

Sienna Solstice

In honor of the solstice, the new issue of Sienna Solstice is out today, with one of my found poems included (on page 30). Always happy to be part of the celebration, though it seems somehow wrong that today should initiate the shortening of the days.

After the Pause

The West Review

Very pleased that The West Review has published two of my found poems in Issue 5, here and here. Thanks so much to founder and editor-in-chief Despy Boutris!

Global Poemic


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