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UnLost Journal, a sister publication of Unbroken Journal, focuses on found poetry in all its forms, including a found poem of mine!



Very pleased that Toronto-based Juniper: A Poetry Journal has included my poem it’ll be all right in Volume 2, Issue 1.


Always happy to discover a new publication focused on poetry/art hybrids and especially glad that the first issue of Human Repair Kit includes five of my found poems.

Summer Clover

Infinity’s Kitchen

Another long-awaited publication (submitted January 2017, accepted February 2017): Infinity’s Kitchen, Issue 9, a graphic literary journal of experimental writing and art, with three of my found poems. Available online and in print.


Home from a beautiful long weekend in the Methow Valley with friends and poetry to find the latest edition of Stoneboat Literary Journal (8.2, Spring 2018) in the mailbox with three of my found poems in it. Thanks, Stoneboat!

Dream Pop!

The acceptances — and the actual publications — seem to come in bursts, with long periods of quiet in between. That’s okay with me. Dream Pop Journal publishes “experimental, non-narrative writing” and they’ve published three of my found poems in issue 4. Thanks, Dream Pop!



It’s the dream that accompanies every submission: click Send at night and find your acceptance waiting when you get up in the morning. Thanks to Tuck Magazine for responding in the affirmative, with alacrity!

another one!

Rise Up!


Very honored to have nine of my found poems published in the final, celebratory issue of Vine Leaves Literary Journal. The pieces are reproduced beautifully, each taking up a full page, right at the center of the 220-page hardcover volume. (Vine Leaves previously published seven of my found poems in Issue 13, and two in The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2015.)

Special thanks to publisher Jessica Bell. The Vine Leaves Literary Journal may be finished, but Vine Leaves Press is still alive and Jessica is going strong as lead singer for the dream-pop group, Keep Shelly in Athens, and recording and performing as a solo artist under the name Bruno.

Split Rock Review


Streetcake is an online magazine that publishes “exciting writing that is visual, innovative and experimental.” I’m very pleased that they’ve selected one of my found poems to appear in Issue 56. (More Streetcake on Facebook.)

and yet another…

Always surprised to discover that a poem has been published for some months. Here’s one in Jazz Cigarette #5 (publication subsequently renamed petrichor).

four more

yet more!

Delighted to have two of my found poems in issue 5 of Riggwelter, which definitely takes the cake for journal names. According to the press, riggwelter (verb) is “a dialect word from the North of England: a sheep, having fallen onto its back, being unable to right itself is said to be riggweltered (e.g., bloody thing’s riggweltered again).”

To see the poems, at the link, click through to pages 31 and 53.

and more!

Surprised to discover five of my found poems published in Permafrost Magazine 39.2. They were accepted back in April, but I wasn’t notified that they had been published. Happy discovery!


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