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Really pleased that the quirk-some online journal isacoustic, which doesn’t usually publish visual poetry, has accepted and published five of mine. Thank you Barton Smock and isacoustic and kingsoftrain (Barton Smock’s own site), where the same set appears (a two-fer!).

Cascadia Rising Review

So pleased that Cascadia Rising Review has published five of my found poems in Issue 6.

and more!

So pleased that the Toronto-based online journal talking about strawberries all of the time has published five of my found poems. Thank you Malcolm Curtis, editor, and thanks to the late bpNichol for the poem that gave the publication its name.


In 2012, when I started submitting my found poems for publication, Matter Press was one of the first to accept my work, publishing a series of them weekly for six weeks along with a statement about compression. Now Matter Press has published eleven of my found poems in the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts. I am so grateful to Randall Brown, Matter Press, and the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts.


Red Wolf Editions




Honored that the editors of Leveler have selected my poem “The peony” for publication. Each poem they choose is featured for a week along with the editors’ comments in a section they call levelheaded. The poet rarely gets to hear what the editors are thinking, so this is a bonus, to say nothing of the considerable extra effort undertaken. Thank you, Leveler!

What Rough Beast, round two

Juke Joint

Clade Song

Very pleased that Tim Kahl and Joshua McKinney have published two of my poems in issue 9 of Clade Song: Asteroidea and Collocation. As a bonus, Clade Song offers poem-specific related links when you click on the animals in the sidebars. Such links are provided for each poem in the issue — quite a demonstration of above-and-beyond commitment by the editors!

Here’s Wikipedia on clade: A clade, also known as monophyletic group, is a group of organisms that consists of a common ancestor and all its lineal descendants, and represents a single “branch” on the “tree of life.”

The Gravity of the Thing

if it’s Tuesday…

Microtext Anthology

Just received my copies of μtxt 4 (Microtext), a lovely hand-bound volume of poetry and flash fiction that fits in the palm of your hand. I’m honored to have two poems, “Poem for Ocean” and “The Noise,” included in the collection.


Enormously pleased
to have my poem “Wing”
published in
Pedestal Magazine, Issue 84

In their Introduction, the editors say, “the three of us received and read over 6500 poems, reaching enthusiastic agreement on the fourteen pieces included herein.” Gosh. It’s an honor to have my work included with that of such esteemed poets.

one more

Angry Old Man

Another handful of published work: five of my found poems in Angry Old Man, Issue 7. Thanks to Drew B. David, editor, and the estimable co-Angries.

Thanks, too, to Susan Chase-Foster and Victoria Doerper. We’ve been meeting monthly since January 2016 to encourage each other to submit our work for publication. Clearly, it’s working.


Extremely pleased and honored
to have two of my poems,
“Recession” and “Re-Wind,”
included in December, Volume 30.1,
pages 94-95.

book in hand

book coverVery pleased to have received my copy of For Love of Orcas, an anthology edited by Andrew Shattuck McBride and Jill McCabe Johnson and published by Wandering Aengus Press. Along with my poem, “Coffee shop, watershed, orca,” the book is a collection of poetry and prose addressing the plight of the southern resident orca whales. Book sales benefit the SeaDoc Society and I am honored to have my work included.

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