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The big red…

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their second ChristmasTheir first Christmas together was spent on their honeymoon and by the second, they were ready to sign the card Red & Les & 7/9. (The 7/9 is me.) The hand-colored card is drawn in my mom’s characteristic line, her red hair showing in the candle flame, the angles and postures capturing something distinctive about each of them.

Though unimaginable in my father’s home, Christmas was a lively feature of Dorothy’s secular Jewish upbringing. If my rabbi’s-son father tried to dissuade her from sending Christmas cards, there’s scant evidence of his efforts — or his success.

the color red…

Oplopanax horridus - devils clubIn the primordial moss-laden forest that rambles among tumbled stumps and glacial erratics alongside the surging river, the late afternoon sun angles through a green filter to pick out the color red: tart huckleberries, round and glossy; the neat caps of thimbleberries — those that remain just beyond the hiker’s reach; cone-shaped mounds of devil’s club berries, tempting only to healers and bears; and a solitary red gummy bear, dropped and abandoned on the trail.
devil’s club photo

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