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found poem: clashing

found poem: lightning-fast

Rise Up Review

In all the distractions of the day, I failed to notice that one of my found poems was published in the election-day issue of Rise Up Review. Thanks, belatedly, to the RUR team.

found poem: the superpower

found poem: citizen

found poem: between

What Rough Beast, again!

Extremely grateful that editor Michael Broder and What Rough Beast have published five more of my found poems of resistance (links to earlier issues in sidebar at left). A project of the Brooklyn-based nonprofit poetry press Indolent Books, What Rough Beast “publishes innovative, provocative, and risky work” with “particular relevance to issues of racial, social, economic, and environmental justice.”

There is hardly anything more relevant to issues of racial, social, economic, and environmental justice than your vote in November.

found poem: the manifestations

found poem: March

found poem: legislators

found poem: history

found poem: urgency

found poem: poet

found poem: language

What Rough Beast, round two

found poem: your attention

found poem: Work

found poem: pride

found poem: Alabama

three more published

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