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found poem: too much

found poem © j.i. kleinberg ~ too much
found poem © j.i. kleinberg


found poem: started

found poem © j.i. kleinberg ~ started
found poem © j.i. kleinberg

found poem: pages

found poem: well

found poem: pressed

found poem: before

found poem: dusty

found poem: HUSHED

found poem: the blue


to make…



rock the pastoral…

to dream…



small stonesThe stones on the sill tell stories of beaches, mountainsides, river beds… an archive of vistas and visitations, a compendium of history, each one an ancient message, compacted and relayed through time. Then, in an instant of seeing, we bend, lift, weigh, turn, consider, hold, give…

What is it about rocks? They have magnetism, magic, memory. They stand for place in a mobile world. They ask nothing, but warm in the palm’s attention, soothe the furious heart. They are the dots that we connect to draw the picture of our being.

stone not stone…

wood stone by LRKThe piece of wood is rounded smooth as a river stone. Set to spin, it wobbles, but what it does best is stillness.

Soothing, familiar, faintly scarred with tiny cracks and something red — a streak of ink or paint — warm and light, glossy, wrapped in its tight spill of rings, it is made for the hand and I do not resist its invitation.
wood stone by LRK

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