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A Bowl of Words ~ 3

…The roll call of Laura’s lost lives and loves was short but dear: her uncle Lenny, her unrequited college love, Paddy, and a lover from her 30s who had been dead nearly ten years before she learned of it. Guns, she thought. Each of them had chosen their weapon of death, hoping no doubt to make it swift and decisive. She thought of the friends, the lovers, the children young and grown, whose lives would be forever altered by having come upon this gory scene of destruction. The loss of the person compounded by the violence splashed permanently on the retina.

Washing her face, she thought of stories she had heard of families in which high windows had proved an irresistible lure. Defenestration. A handsome word for such an end. She thought of the tumbling bodies in their final flight on September 11. No, she corrected, not suicide, but a tragic hope for life, that, just this once, the arms would feather out to wings and bear them away from the fire, set them gently back onto the welcoming earth below…

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