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snowdrops are up
It’s not yet mid-January and the snowdrops are up.

Home from a four-day poetry writing retreat on Vancouver Island, my head and notebook are stuffed with poems – my own and others’ – and the astute wisdom of Patrick Lane. I made many beginnings, left many trails of breadcrumbs to follow another time, and wrestled a few poems into drafts. The music of shared poetry resonates through my day in astonishing images and surprising echoes along with the generous gifts of trust, listening and compassion.

There’s much to do. Winter work. Unready for spring, the vegetable garden awaits my attention. Fruit trees and hydrangeas and poems need pruning.

I’m not quite ready for the snowdrops. “Hurry, hurry,” they urge, “Begin.”

signs of spring…

February hope…

snowdropThe garden still wears its northwest winter shroud — dull gray twigs, bare soil. But here and there, spring fattens under the occasional sun, the hectic rains. This is not a lavish seen-from-afar display, but the small reward of close inspection: a spreading pad of purple hellebore leaves, the first snowdrops, clumps of daffodil greens, tight curls of tulip tops. And on the dry stalks of plum, apple, dogwood, hydrangea, crabapple, minuscule new growth elbowing out to sniff the air.