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trumpeter swans photo by Scott Terrell / Skagit Valley Herald

From here the northern days will fatten, each day sipping moments of light through the chilly straw of winter,
imperceptibly lengthening to show us more of the bare trees, the white birds,
the blue-snowed crags of distant peaks.
I welcome every second.
. . . . .
trumpeter swans photo by Scott Terrell / Skagit Valley Herald


Anchored on the river’s shoulder in the perfect, frosted, long and star-splashed dark, towering black crags made themselves visible by erasing stars.

morning light…

Sapphire sky, scoop of moon, bright star beauty mark. But it’s not a star, it’s a plane, slipping across the moon’s chin and away toward China.


sedum and thyme ~ 21 June 2011
Northern latitude wobble and swing, earth twirls her celestial reel. Inflated days, luxuriant with light, will now begin their creep toward darkness, warming into summer and shortening, slowly at first, imperceptibly, then the long plunge toward dark December. But today, this solstice morning awakens with sun glossing the treetops, cirrus wisps, sparrow song and a lemony profusion of sedum.

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