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found poem: The old sparrow

found poem: In the eyes

the birds…

House Sparrow, The Pond At Elephant Head, Amado, ArizonaBats in the belfry, she thought. But they weren’t bats and this wasn’t a metaphor. They were sparrows. And they were scrabbling around in the ceiling above her stove, cheeping like mad, their little claws scratching on whatever was up there. Sounded like they were right in the kitchen and she half-expected a bird to come rocketing out of the stove hood.

The birds had found a sparrow-sized opening in the vent on the outside of the building and moved right in. She had stood in the driveway watching them dart in and out. Who knew how many generations of birds had occupied the place, but, from the sound of it, this was the second clutch of chicks since she had moved in.

Bird karma, she thought. This wasn’t her first bird-in-the-ceiling incident. Years before, she had lived on the second floor of a three-story building. The heating equipment on the roof had a metal door about the size of a small book that gave access to the gas valves. Left open, the warm darkness proved irresistible to pigeons. They’d get in there and then, one after the other, they’d tumble into an open duct to land in the ceiling above the hallway. There followed much scratching and flapping and cooing as the pigeons discovered they could not escape. The only way to get rid of them was to open the return-air grill, open the windows and wait for them to fly out. It had happened twice; once there had been nine pigeons in her ceiling.

Sparrows are really no big deal, she thought, remembering.
house sparrow photo Copyright © 2007, Alan D. Wilson, Nature’s Pics

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