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June 12


headlines 20 Oct 1959My father was a civil engineer. In the 1950s he owned a heating and air conditioning company housed at a Culver City address now consumed by Sony Studios. He liked his work and his crew, and sometimes, at the dinner table, would tell stories about things that happened on the job.

He probably talked about the steel strike during the four long months it dragged on, but the only thing I remember is this: looking out the kitchen window and seeing Daddy walking slowly up the street, his suit jacket slung over his shoulder, the collar of his white shirt unbuttoned, his bow-tie removed.

It was all gone then — the car, the company, the guys whose names made them as familiar as cousins. My mother explained that we would be tightening our belts, that things would be different now. But I was already well-practiced in avoiding her attentions by wanting nothing.

What was different was my father’s sober seriousness, his silent and percolating anger, the violence of confronting within himself this foreign feeling of incompetence and irresponsibility — his failure to rescue and preserve the work and the people that mattered so much.

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