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The Universe is a Forest

Empty Bowl Press has done it again: The Madrona Project: The Universe is a Forest is Volume III, Number 2, in this impressive series of themed anthologies. This one, edited by Michael Daley and Finn Wilcox, is a collection of poems and other writing on trees and I am honored to have my poem “Eucalyptus” included along with a roster of much-admired poets. If you’re interested in trees, you should have this book in your collection.


Well, National Poetry Month seems to be off to a rollicking start. Just learned that one of my found poems has been published in Issue 56 of Uppagus. Thanks to mother-and-son co-founders and co-editors Ziggy Edwards and Jude Rosen.

One Sentence Poems

Editors Dale Wisely, Tony Press, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, and Natalie Wolf have again seen fit to publish three of my found poems, one sentence each, in One Sentence Poems. I am grateful and honored. Here’s the first.

Feral, again!

found poem: the refuge

found poem: Long slats of light

found poem: We want

found poem: because the trees

found poem: from the blue sky

found poem: we were

found poem: nighttime

found poem: the intentions

found poem: bestiary

found poem: the idea

found poem: when the heat

found poem: the washing machine

found poem: the blue

found poem: The expressive

found poem: Feeling

found poem: houses

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