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off the press!

Uttered Chaos: TurnSo pleased to have my poem November included in the Uttered Chaos anthology, Turn, Laura LeHew, editor, ISBN 978-0-9889366-0-7.

The volume’s theme is months of the year, with additional poems by Ayelet Amittay, Jose Araguz, Shawn T. Boyle, Marie Buckley, Kathleen Cain, Lydia Foster, Laura Gamache, Quinton Hallett, Marilyn Johnston, Susan Kenyon, Laura LeHew, Ellaraine Lockie, Cheryl Loetscher, Amy MacLennan, Catherine McGuire, Rick McMonagle, Amy Miller, Nancy Carol Moody, Sharon Lask Munson, Liz Nakazawa, Marisa Petersen, Eileen Peterson, Tim Pfau, Kathryn Ridall, Kit Sibert, Bonnita Stahlberg, Charles F. Thielman and Caitlin Walsh.