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found poem: words

the bowl…


ewerIn a moment of stillness, I saw the word vessel. Not as in ship, but as in pitcher, bowl, jug, ewer — a container. Inherent in the word is the invisible actor, the one who fills the vessel and the one who lifts it and pours.

If I am the vessel — of history, dreams, ideas, words — then I am acted upon. But if I am the actor, I can form and reform the vessel, fill it with substance or spirit, pour it or scoop from it or simply let it overflow.

In the cinematic screen of my mind’s eye, I can see it: shape-shifting, its color and size, material and density, its mysterious contents, continually in flux.

So the vessel is what? …imagination? creativity? alchemy? mind? the unknown?

I invite the stillness and listen for answers.