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two more…

Thanks to the print journal Tiny Spoon for including two of my found poems in Issue 5, on ecology.

And thanks, too, to Medusa’s Kitchen, where five of my winter-themed found poems are posted.

found poem: The shadows

found poem: the perforating rain

found poem: FEEL

found poem: fantasia

found poem: The sky

found poem: like barbarians

found poem: snow silly

found poem: narrative

found poem: sly moon

found poem: the blue

found poem: the architecture

found poem: who writes

found poem: our minds

found poem: who designed

found poem: beauty

found poem: before dark

found poem: the extreme

found poem: a pale wind

the day after

2016-12-09 snow feetBellingham, Washington, isn’t known for snow. Memorable storms are rare enough that residents recall them by year. More typically we get a couple of doses each year accompanied by an icy blast of Arctic chill.

After a region-stalling storm prediction in October (the storm never materialized), the weather-callers have been reluctant to over-promise this week except to say that driving could be hazardous. While higher elevations received a snow-angel-worthy dumping, low-lying Bellingham got a scant half-inch overnight. The temperature is creeping up over freezing, rain is predicted, and life will soon return to winter-normal: wet.

But this morning, a wonderful quiet surrounds the house, and the locals — juncos, sparrows, chickadees — are busy with their flitting and foraging, exploring the sheltered margins of the yard and the places where fronds of spruce, juniper, or pine offer a moment’s respite from wind and cats.

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