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found poem: heir

found poem: the stay-at-home

found poem: smitten

close, but…

Congratulations to Lytton Smith,
whose collection, The Square,
was selected as winner of
The 2020 New Michigan Press / DIAGRAM chapbook contest.
I am honored to have my chapbook,
Emphatic Pajamas,
a collection of found stories,
selected, from among some 400 submissions,
as a finalist.

found poem: the air

found poem: I’m taking a break

found poem: too few

found poem: consider

found poem: We are the fire


Wow. Just received my copy of Maintenant 14, an annual journal of contemporary Dada writing and art. It’s an ambitious collection of some 260 pages, about half visual works, and I’m thrilled to have one of my found poems included.

found poem: We may not

found poem: Desperately

EAP: The Magazine

Always a happy surprise when a poem is accepted, and another surprise to find that it has been published without further notice! Thanks to Exterminating Angel Press: The Magazine for including one of my found poems in the Spring 2020 issue.

found poem: what makes

found poem: fear

Indefinite Space

Always a surprise and pleasure to find a fat envelope in the mailbox, this time delivering the 2020 edition of Indefinite Space, an annual print journal that includes two of my found poems. Special thanks to editor Marcia Arrieta.

found poem: We died

found poem: hands

found poem: finding

found poem: armchair

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