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Breathe again

For the third (and final) month, one of my found poems has been published in Breathe. My gratitude to Leopoldo Seguel, Tania Abramson, and Paul Abramson.

found poem: the rules

found poem: in the empty

found poem: ought

found poem: I want

found poem: I am

found poem: letter-writers

found poem: weary

found poem: when the self

found poem: I’m taking a break

Full Bleed

Literary journals are not exactly high on the essential list (except for their staff and contributors), so it’s both gratifying and impressive when one carries on and births a new issue in spite of the odds. I am very grateful to Full Bleed for including to of my found poems, hummingbirds and to write, in Issue 4, out this week.

found poem: we Wrote

found poem: I think

found poem: the writer

found poem: Water

found poem: writing

found poem: the house

found poem: Our inclination

found poem: The language

I have been writing…

In fact, I have been writing about a scarecrow, and here’s the poem, published in Issue 4 of Rockvale Review, with my gratitude to Sandy Coomer and the RR team.

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