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found poem: As the bear

the creatures are stirring!

Can you hear the yowls and yaps, the squeals and chirps? That growling sound, the one that makes you clutch one another in your tent… that’s the sound of SpeakEasy 22: Animal Beast Creature.

The SpeakEasy poetry series returns to Bellingham on Saturday, October 20, 2018, as poets Jennifer Bullis, Elizabeth J. Colen, Paul Hunter, Jeffrey Morgan, Bethany Reid, Kimberly Roe, Ely Shipley, and Sheila Sondik explore the power of animals — persona, myth, spirit, science, and a deep wildness. The program is free and begins at 7:00pm in the Encore Room of the Mount Baker Theatre. Village Books will be on hand to sell the poets’ books. Event info on Facebook.

SpeakEasy is an occasional poetry series that emphasizes themed, audience-friendly presentations of quality poetry by Cascadia-region writers. It is produced in Bellingham, Washington, by Luther Allen, author of The View from Lummi Island, and J.I. (Judy) Kleinberg.

Come experience the animal magnetism.


petroglyphWhen they asked her, What’s your favorite animal? she would say horse, because horse was the closest. But it wasn’t a horse. The creature that had animated her drawings and dreams from childhood was hers alone. A long-bodied, winged being with feathers and fur. Her totem. Her protector. A power that nobody could take from her because nobody else could see it. Together, sharing her side of the modest bedroom, speaking in the silent language, traveling weightless through the apricot dusk. Could there be only one, she asked herself, one as alone as I am? And she would examine the pictures of petroglyphs on the pages of National Geographic, looking for the creature’s kin. Looking, perhaps, for her own origins, her secret and sacred homeland.
petroglyph photo