chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things

found poem: ripening

found poem: covered

found poem: limb

found poem: found

found poem: lapping up

found poem: I like

found poem: THE SEA

found poem: slender

found poem: the creamy

found poem: in speaking

found poem: Living

found poem: Since Elvis

found poem: and the weary

found poem: watch

found poem: SORT

found poem: even water

found poem: WE HAVE TO

found poem: beyond


1963 DAK - 1966 DAKMy father took these photos of my mother, the left in 1963 at the Pantheon, in Rome, and the right in 1966, the location unidentified, but perhaps a zoo. There are a lot of photos like this in the scrapbook, Dorothy turned slightly toward the camera. He would have used a nickname to get her attention — not Red or Dottie, which other people used, but Schnutzie or some other made-up name.

Much as she loved her Chanel suit, my mother was happy to be released from the sensible squareness of the 1950s. It would be another ten or more years before she was willing to give up her girdle, but the ‘60s offered a more generous, and welcome, range of expression. She still (and always) dressed well, with care, and her style was far from zany, but she began to recognize and test the effect of colors and layers and odd accessories. Until late in her life, she was torn between the desire to be noticed and the persistent voice of her own mother’s warnings to be good, quiet, invisible.

found poem: anywhere

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