chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things

found poem: like water


One Sentence Poems

Editors Dale Wisely, Tony Press, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, and Natalie Wolf have again seen fit to publish three of my found poems, one sentence each, in One Sentence Poems. I am grateful and honored. Here’s the first.

found poem: chroniclers

found poem: Hope

found poem: Ravens

Otoliths 67

found poem: much about metaphors

found poem: we are each

found poem: gravelly

found poem: go back

Medusa’s Kitchen… yet again!

After generously including my found poems in the December issue of Medusa’s Kitchen, editor Kathy Kieth featured seven more (all January poems) for the January 1, 2023 post! I am honored and grateful. Again, click on the images to see a larger, clearer version.


Well, 2023 seems to be off to an auspicious start! Here’s a different sort of found poem: “Joining the Academy: A Job-Match Game” in Diagram 22.6. Maybe you can find your dream job…

Feral, again!

found poem: a repoussé

The Glacier

Delighted to have four of my found poems published in the inaugural issue of The Glacier alongside the work of some writers I admire enormously.

found poem: this year

found poem: When the truth

found poem: mud

Medusa’s Kitchen… again!

Medusa’s Kitchen has again selected some of my found poems (on the theme of bells) for publication in the latest issue, out today. (Click the images to see them a little larger and clearer.) Very grateful to Editor/Wrangler-in-Chief Kathy Kieth for including my work.

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