chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things

“Because resistance is fertile”

Rise Up Review
Very pleased to have two of my recent found poems featured on the launch of the found/erased page on Rise Up Review. Rise Up Review posts a new poem of resistance on the Home page each day, with previous poems collected on the Archive page.

found poem: others

found poem: examples

found poem: spirit

found poem: and he performed

found poem: writing

found poem: His

found poem: note

found poem: THE PROMISE

found poem: temporary

found poem: imagine

found poem: hubris

found poem: to make

found poem: in this

found poem: poet

found poem: PERSPECTIVE

found poem: America

found poem: dust

found poem: born


Beechwood Review

Another found poem published: Beechwood Review, with two others forthcoming in the print edition.


And two more in Toad 6:3.

P.M.S. poemmemoirstory

Also, I have four poems, Blessing, Lesson, Door, and One Day, in the brand new print edition of PoemMemoirStory. (Website hasn’t yet been updated with number 16.)

I’m so grateful for the public acknowledgement.

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