chocolate is a verb

colors, flavors, whims and other growing things

found poem: to reckon

found poem: For some

found poem: Deep blue

found poem: the gone

found poem: one culture

The Universe is a Forest

Empty Bowl Press has done it again: The Madrona Project: The Universe is a Forest is Volume III, Number 2, in this impressive series of themed anthologies. This one, edited by Michael Daley and Finn Wilcox, is a collection of poems and other writing on trees and I am honored to have my poem “Eucalyptus” included along with a roster of much-admired poets. If you’re interested in trees, you should have this book in your collection.

found poem: when

Revolver Lit Mag

Today is the last day of National Poetry Month and, for me, it goes out with a bang: five of my found poems are published in Revolver Literary Magazine. Special thanks to editor Arja Kumar.

Cacti Fur

Very pleased to have a poem published today on Cacti Fur. Though it’s now late April, this is an odd spring and “Early March” doesn’t seem too far removed.
(Did I mention how much I appreciate your Likes? Both there and here. Thanks so much.)

found poem: I remembered

found poem: why

found poem: a storage closet

found poem: we all need

found poem: leaning

Journal of Radical Wonder

In keeping with the theme of good news for National Poetry Month, The Journal of Radical Wonder has just published five of my found poems of wonder. Wonderful! Thanks so much to John Brantingham and the editorial team.


Well, National Poetry Month seems to be off to a rollicking start. Just learned that one of my found poems has been published in Issue 56 of Uppagus. Thanks to mother-and-son co-founders and co-editors Ziggy Edwards and Jude Rosen.


Word For/Word

Very grateful to Jonathan Minton and Word For/Word for selecting five of my found poems (on clouds) for Volume 40. This is my third round with Word For/Word; my work also appears in Volume 30 and Volume 36.

found poem: tea-leaving

collage show in Asheville!

Honored and excited to have 20 of my found poems (signed, framed originals) included in this invitational exhibit in Asheville, North Carolina. Cutting Edge: the Art of Collage will open Friday, April 7, 2023, and continue through May 7. If you’re anywhere near, please go!

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